Saturday, March 05, 2011

My Favorite Procrastination Activities

Like basically everyone, I am a habitual procrastinator. Ever since reading Good and Bad Procrastination by Paul Graham, I've continuously tried -- with limited success -- to manipulate or trick my procrastinating tendencies to maximize my productivity. Barring working on the most important thing possible, I hope to at least do something useful.

In cases when the urge to procrastinate from doing research becomes too strong to ignore, my list of ideal secondary activities includes:
  • reading papers
  • exercising
  • blogging
  • updating my website
  • practicing photography
  • cleaning my apartment

    Of course, these secondary activities sometimes rise in prominence. For instance, if I haven't cleaned my apartment or exercised in a long time, then I feel compelled to prioritize that higher. Unfortunately, that is exactly when I also feel compelled to procrastinate from doing those activities. One would hope that my alternate activity of choice then would be doing research, but by that point I've usually completely succumbed to doing something mindless like YouTubing.

    Now some of you might suspect that I'm blogging right now because I should be doing more important work. Some of you might be right. So I guess it's back to work! There are theorems to be proven!
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