Sunday, September 05, 2010

In Pittsburgh

Greetings from Pittsburgh! I'm happy to report that I've successfully defended my dissertation and moved into my new apartment. This move feels significantly different from previous moves I've done. This is due to a few reasons. Most obviously, it's my first as a non-student.

Another reason is that, due to the apartment being unfurnished (a first for me), I decided to also take this opportunity to practice home-making. Now, after a three hour tour through Target and a five hour tour through IKEA, I've completed most of my furnishing tasks. This whole experience is taking much longer than I'd anticipated, but I suppose will likely provide good practice for "life".

Some other notes worthy of highlighting include an adventurous drive from Ithaca to Pittsburgh. It turns out I just happened to pick the stormiest day in weeks to move, and having gusts of wind blow upon a tall vehicle like a U-Haul truck while driving on hilly highways with very limited visibility is not the best idea.

I start work either tomorrow or the day after. I'm having some difficulty discerning whether I should go in on Labor Day. If all the administrative and tech support staff are off tomorrow, there's nothing I could do tomorrow at work anyways.

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