Thursday, August 19, 2010

Visiting Yahoo!

It's been a whirlwind month for me (which has been contributing to the lack of blog activity). I'm currently visiting Yahoo! Research for a week or to wrap up some projects I've been collaborating remotely on.

My opinions are mostly limited to my own experiences, but Yahoo! seems to have an incredibly collaboration friendly culture. I've already met many (machine learning) researchers here, and I also haven't had too much trouble getting set up. In fact, I've basically hit the ground running (which is, admittedly, to be expected in this case since I have a very narrow project that I'm spending a relatively short amount of time on).

While the turnover of core search to Bing has inevitably caused some turmoil, it seems that many researchers here are excited to be turning their attention to other, newer, projects. After all, virtually everything is an opportunity.

I return to Cornell in two weeks time to defend my dissertation, after which I'll be immediately starting my PostDoc appointment at Carnegie Mellon.

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Parisa said...

Good luck on the defense :)