Friday, June 11, 2010

Brief Hiatus

This past month has given me relatively little free time. With all the commotion surrounding commencement (family visiting to see me in a fluffy red robe, etc), saying good-byes to friends who will soon part ways, and wrapping up some research projects before I take a long vacation in China (where I won't have easy blogger access and will otherwise be distracted by other festivities), I haven't had time to really relax and ponder random ponderings. As such, this blog's activity level will be pretty low (possibly in hibernation), until I return from China.


Parisa said...

Don't forget to share some pictures of the puffy red robe garb. How long are you going to be in China? Just Beijing?

Yisong Yue said...

Until the third week of July. Then I'm spending a week in Switzerland to attend a conference and also to visit Google Zurich.

Parisa said...

And me!