Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Photography Update

I decided to take up photography to explore, for lack of better phrasing, ways of capturing moments in time. Now, half a year later, some noticeable progress has been made.

Due to a number of reasons, I've found it much easier to take photos which contain human subject matter. Obviously, humans are very dynamic and active, and thus create more original photo opportunities. I've also found it easier to elicit emotional responses with candids and portraits and the like.

In fact, some of my earliest accidental portraits are still among my favorites (perhaps with a little boost from nostalgia):

Around the midway point between then and now, spring arrived, and with that comes many a picnicking and graduating. Since I prefer to shoot without flash (and since I don't even own a decent flash for my camera), the bountiful sunlight available during outdoors shooting was a welcome change. And, as one might expect, I took advantage of the moments which presented themselves with some timely and deft camera wielding:

Nowadays, I try to make my own destiny by either pseudo-posing with other people's pets, or just plain photo stalking:

My efforts with landscape photography have been met with mixed results. I've found that they usually require more attention to composition (and a tripod, which I still don't have), since the subject matter is typically less intrinsically interesting to us humans. Hopefully, I'll find more success in the future. One of the advantages of using flickr is its social networking aspects. It can help you find some truly breathtaking photos.

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