Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jon Kleinberg Interviewed

As the newest recipient of the ACM-Infosys Foundation Award, Jon Kleinberg was recently interviewed by the ACM. The sound quality is a little spotty, but the 45 minute interview touches on many interesting aspects of his research and teaching interests, which center around the analysis of large scale information networks and more generally the interplay between computational and social aspects of modern systems. Some selected excerpts are also available for those who do not wish to listen through the whole interview.

I had the great pleasure and privilege of being a teaching assistant for the inaugural Networks course taught jointly by Jon and David Easley (most recent semester). I also got to witness first-hand the tremendous popularity that the Rebel King garners amongst Cornell undergraduates. Although the course is not required for any major, the first day of class saw standing room only in a large lecture hall (with well over 200 students in attendance). It's not hard to see why that's case; the material covered is interesting, intuitively presented, surprisingly deep for an introductory course, and very novel to most of the students. I highly recommend the course to anyone with even a passing interest on the topic.

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