Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cornell CS Foosball World Cup

The computer science department recently received a foosball table courtesy of Yahoo!. And so, what else could we do but host our very own foosball world cup tournament?

Due to limited representation from many countries, some creativity was required in order to construct a good-sized bracket. Many teams had to enlist expatriates from other countries in order to form a full team (of 2). I ended up being recruited by the Slovenian team, and scrubbed out pretty quickly. Overall, the tournament was very entertaining and had plenty of highlights, even though it was never in doubt who the champions would be.

Here we see either Team Britain or Bulgaria (there's one member from each country) versus one of the American teams (there were three).

Good game.

The agony of defeat.

The action got pretty heated at times.

Even some professors got in on the action. Here we see Andrew Myers and Steven An go up against Team Vietnam (the eventual champions).


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