Monday, September 01, 2008

Lost in Translation

Having returned from the Far Orient, I can report with great confidence that globalization and market growth is alive and well over yonder. In order to accommodate the rising number of foreign visitors, the Chinese have appended English to many informative signs across the country. As we shall see, some meaning was inevitably lost during translation, often to hilarious effect. Most of the following photos are courtesy of John Carrino.

It seems like they just strung words together for this one.

Now we all know the legal rights violation hotlines.

Taller children, hooray!

That's deep...

...but this is even deeper.

Probably nothing was lost in translation on this one, but funny nonetheless.


Remember kids, no striding!


Anonymous said...

Yes, that is awesome. You might be interested in this article on "Chinglish":


Yisong said...

Hehe, yeah. I actually read that article some time earlier this summer.

fang said...

yeah, i'm a chinglish speaker~~+D

Parisa said...

This is so awesome. MAN FLUID... oh man. Great pictures!