Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Live Forever or Die Tomorrow?

Every year at the glee club retreat, we play a game called the truth circle (or "Who's here?"). We all form a circle and step forward when a question is asked that is true for us. It's intended to be a low-pressure way to share personal information with rest of the group.

This year, I asked the awesome question, "Who expects to be alive in 100 years?" To my delight, quite a few members (though clearly a minority) stepped forward. This in itself probably wasn't that surprising or interesting. But then someone asked the follow up question, "Who would rather live forever than die tomorrow?" I didn't think too hard before stepping forward (the questions asked in this game are often under-specified and thus open to interpretation). About an equal number of the other members (though not necessarily the same ones) also stepped forward.

Initially, I assumed that more people would step forward, since I'd certainly take my chances with eternal life given the alternative. Thinking back, I find this result less surprising. It wasn't too long ago when I proudly declared that I'd rather be dead than feeble and senile. But thanks to Aubrey de Grey and others, I now envision eternal life as one of constant rejuvenation, learning, and (dare I hope) joy. How can you go wrong with that?

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Parisa said...

If you live in an oppressive society? Sorry, I just got back from Aushwitz and am a little on the downer side.