Saturday, March 29, 2008

Internet and Credibility

Everyone knows that having credibility is a good thing. Having it is essential to becoming an influential and active member of society.

In the today's world, where access to the World Wide Web is nearly ubiquitous, one's web presence is vitally important to establishing one's credibility. With every passing year, we become more reliant on the internet as the dominant source of information and news.

Privacy is also quickly becoming a thing of the past. Every piece of dirt hidden somewhere on the web can and will surface at the most inopportune times. Even embarrassing content you thought deleted forever sticks around in places such as the Internet Archive. Of course, sometimes the dirt isn't hidden at all.

Luis Sancho, who with Walter Wagner is suing to hold back on activating the LHC, is one such example. While he might be proud of his website, I find it completely ludicrous and just a little too reminiscent of the infamous Time Cube site.

Children grow up with MySpace and FaceBook at hand's reach. As puberty arrives -- bringing with it an unquenchable need to express and differentiate oneself from the pack -- any mistakes caught on camera is soon immortalized on the internet by the unforgiving masses (looking at you, Star Wars kid). A stupid decision takes but a moment to make. The subsequent humiliation is ever further reaching and longer lived.

As the current young generation ages and takes over the work force, we'll probably take less note in these momentary lapses of discretion caught on the web. Unfortunately, it won't be us, but rather our progeny, who will reap the benefits of such generosity in judgment. For now, we are all well advised to respect (or at least respectfully disagree with) the views of our elders.

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