Thursday, January 03, 2008

Jackass Continued

Continuing the theme from the previous post, here are some more jackass photos for your viewing pleasure. These were taken from our visit to Sedona yesterday.

Another beautiful day, another cute picture ruined.

Here's a side view.

The great thing about these photos is that my cousin was completely oblivious when they were taken. This one below is probably my favorite.

It's a pity this one came out so blurry. It coulda woulda shoulda been a contender for best jackass photo.

I almost fell over posing for this one. I had to scramble across a couple of big boulders in order to get myself into position before the photo was taken.

Phew, what a day. It's not easy being a jackass.

That's all for now, kids.


lulu said...

haha,u see the last one,what a good picture i took for u ^o^

Parisa said...

I also vote #3 as best jackass photo. That would have pretty much been a perfect picture of her if it wasn't for you :P

Steve Hanna said...

Man, I am in tahoe right now for a radlab retreat and I stumbled upon these posts. I nearly burst out laughed. Good show sir.