Friday, August 24, 2007

Halftime at Tuebingen

Greetings from Tuebingen, Germany. I'm approximately halfway through my two-week stay while attending the Machine Learning Summer School. I've been kept pretty busy these days, with festivities beginning at 9am and often concluding at around 10pm.

One notable activity I partook in was a punting trip down the River Neckar

Here's a shot of our local guide, Cheng, boldly navigating the gentle river.

I also gave it a go, albeit much less successfully.

Ducks in these parts have no fear of humans. In fact, they often follow boaters around in hopes of landing a free meal.

It was a lovely trip.

Well, it looks like my time here is up, dumb blog. Free time seems to be at a premium these days. Perhaps all the complimentary alcohol has something to do with it.


Parisa said...

I've been punting before! Did you feed the ducks or were you too selfish with your food?

Yisong said...

I didn't think to bring food with me on the punting trip. I do feed them my extra bread during breakfast.