Sunday, June 10, 2007

Summer Snapshot

Phoenix International Airport is one of the few airports which offer free wireless internet service. So rather than wasting such a precious rarity, I've opted to make another contribution to the internet blog pollution. I'm currently waiting to board my flight back to Seattle, having taken the weekend to relax and visit my parents.

I was perhaps overzealous in my pursuits the past couple of weeks. Both my physical and mental stamina suffered as the result of a smidgen too much math and basketball. But there's nothing like a little home cooking to right one's ship.

Nonetheless, working at Microsoft Research has been a blast so far. I share an office with a number of other interns, including Cornell's very own Art Munson. It pretty much feels just like grad school, with the notable exception of having a much higher salary. Nothing to complain about here.

Microsoft Research probably has the largest congregation of computer science researchers on the planet. It certainly has more than at any research university. Likewise, the summer time brings in hundreds of grad student interns. As you can imagine, just meeting everyone is already quite an experience.

I've also been having a mini-reunion of sorts of with my main man, John Carrino. Unfortunately (for me), he's finishing up his last few days at Amazon. He'll soon be joining Palantir down in the Bay Area. But before that happens, I've been receiving the full John Carrino treatment to his huge HDTV goodness.

Oops, it's boarding time. Catch ya'll on the flip side.


Benjamin said...

Say Hi to good old Art for me.

Parisa said...

FYI, Vegas has free wifi too. One of the city's few redeemable offerings.