Thursday, May 24, 2007

Semester Wrap Up

Now that I'm finally starting to get settled in here in Seattle, I thought I'd share some highlights of my last few days in Ithaca.

I'll start off with the CS department picnic. A couple weeks back, faculty and grad students alike gathered at Treman Park for some mighty fine grilled goodness. I, of course, ate too much. We then played some ultimate frisbee before calling it a day. Just before I took off, a couple of adventurous grad students decided to partake in some swing dancing action. I won't name any names. The picture practically speaks for itself.

I also participated in my very first wine tour. Unfortunately, since I was a designated driver (and a bona fide lightweight), I had to spit most of mine out.

Another lightweight in our motley crew did not exercise the same restraint. See if you can spot the culprit in this picture.

Most of the wineries we visited hugged one of the finger lakes. They really were quite beautiful.

One of the wineries also maintained a small pond that housed a pair of swans.

I learned something important about swans on this wine tour: some of them are assholes. Notice this one biting on a poor fellow's shoe.

And I would be remiss if I didn't show off my awesome new iPod shuffle. It is the bomb. Well, seeing as how I'm interning at Microsoft this summer, I guess I should refrain from making such comments for the time being. I'm sure the Zune is also the bomb-ish.


Lena said...

You got an ipod shuffle?

very jealous.

Yisong said...

Whatever, you have a Mini. Quit yer bitchin'