Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Cheat Arrives

When I came home tonight, I found the Cheat (of Homestar Runner fame) waiting patiently in a little cardboard box at my front door (courtesy of one Steve Downing). After bumming around my apartment for a while, the Cheat moved on to the greener pastures of my office.

The first order of business, of course, is to check out the sofa. It seems like the Cheat approved.

However, the Cheat soon grew restless and began exploring his new terrain. Here he is caught in the act of rummaging through my desk drawer.

As with most little critters, the Cheat can be a big distraction in the workplace.

The Cheat even tried his hand at teaching. Unfortunately, none of my students understood any of his ramblings. Ah well, not everyone is cut out for catering to the needs and whims of undergraduates.

The Cheat eventually settled down on my bookshelf, where he is now nestled comfortably between my Tolkien collection and my Glee Club flyer. It's been quite a long day for the Cheat.

Looks like I have a new officemate.


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But he (why he??) looks not as happy in the bookshelf as when he took charge in the classroom... essay services said...

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