Saturday, February 24, 2007

Chinese New Year 2007

In celebration of Chinese New Year last week, I did almost nothing. I made my phone calls to the home country, ate some dumplings, and attended part of a show put on by the Chinese student association at Cornell.

Since the show took place in the same mega-complex (4 buildings connected together) where my office is located, I was able to efficiently make my retreat back to my second home after boredom started to set in. Once back, I resumed my daring escapes across the World Wide Web (e.g., digg).

I think I need to spend New Year back in China some time (or at least in some large Chinatown). As with most student-run events, the level of authenticity and professionalism is often lacking. This is, of course, not to blame the students, who often have a heavy academic load and are not expected to approach their extracurriculars interests the way professionals do (i.e., monetary incentives).

With that said, I do appreciate the food. And WarCraft. Oh wait, that's not Chinese... oh wait, yes it is.

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