Thursday, January 11, 2007

Southeastern US Tour -- Part I

I've been spending the past few days touring southeastern United States with the Cornell University Glee Club. I'm currently relaxing at a hotel in Key Biscayne, and thought I'd share some adventures I've had thus far.

We first visited Savannah. I got a chance to walk around the city before our evening concert, and found it to be quite charming.

City Hall of Savannah.

Checking out Spanky's.

A tugboat.

We next traveled to Charleston, which was similar to Savannah in many ways. First off, both are port cities. The centers of both towns have a very quaint and traditional feel to it and the streets are filled with small shops. They definitely have a different feel from the Midwest or West Coast.

View from the pier.

Charleston has palm trees too.

Doesn't look like January weather, does it?

That's right, no Democrats need apply.

This is perhaps going a little overboard.

After departing Charleston, we drove down into Florida. We headed down towards Miami, while stopping to perform a various venues along the way. We ended up at Key Biscayne today, where we spent some time on the beach.

As expected, Florida is gorgeous.

Ryan hard at work.

Playing beach soccer.

We go into Miami tomorrow, and from that point head back north towards Orlando. We conclude our 10-day trip with a visit to Islands of at Adventure before making the sad trek back to lonely Ithaca.

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attackpenguin said...

I wish I was there with you guys!