Monday, December 18, 2006

Holiday Party 2006

A couple weeks ago, the computer science department at Cornell held its annual holiday party. I've since managed to collect some pictures, and figured I'd share a few memories of that splendid event. I apologize for the lack of color consistency between pictures. They were snagged from a variety of cameras (and photographers), and my Photoshop skills are not advanced enough to homogenize the color balance.

We begin with a shot of Professor Graeme Bailey showcasing is musical talents during the reception which preceded dinner.

Ymir decided to join in at the piano. Dan looks very impressed.

The reception quickly becomes crowded as more faculty, students and staff arrive to join the festivities.

A pair of Turing Award winners.

Pondering my own infinitesimal chances of winning a Turing Award. My housemate Yunpeng (in background) could not care less.

The migration from the lounge to the ballroom commences as dinner-time nears.

What's the best kind of grad student? Why a hungry one, of course!

Alex and I waiting in line for food. It seems the grad students were particularly ravished this year. As a result, the line was very long.

The submissions to the gingerbread house contest.

Department Chair Eva Tardos presenting the awards to the gingerbread house contest.

Every year, the 2nd year PhD students performs a skit at the holiday party. This year, we decided to do a parody of the orientation presentation given to the first year PhD students when they first arrive. As the acting Director of Graduate Studies, I was the only one who "performed" anything.

Luckily, my hours of rehearsing paid off and I delivered a well-received performance. You can view the slides we made for the skit here.

The actual Director of Graduate Studies, Dexter Kozen, splits his time between being a professor and a rock star.

He really got into it.

Relaxing with my other housemate Yunsong.

This year's holiday party was a lot more stressful than last year's, since I spent many hours prior to the event rehearsing the skit. To give you an idea of my state of being, I barely indulged in the free wine, taking a few sips at most. Anyways, next year's should be much more relaxing.


attackpenguin said...

Damn, he was supposed to play last year, I've heard so much about Dexter's band.

Yisong said...

Yeah, you should've been here. He was totally rockin'

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