Friday, October 06, 2006

Mid Autumn Report

You all know what mid Autumn means... Chinese Moon Festival! Sadly, Google did not have a logo handy for me to link to. Score: Google 0, China 1.

In my never-ending quest to find more ways to procrastinate, I've started reading Digg. One link which caught my eye was 10 Reasons People Make Stupid Decisions. I'm not sure how scientifically grounded the article actually is, but it was enjoyable to read. I can certainly relate to some of the points which are mentioned.

I recently ordered a couple books which arrived a few days ago. The first book, The Elements of Style by Strunk and White, was recommended to me by my officemates. I've just started reading it and have already found it quite informative. With luck, I shall come out of this a slightly less n00b of prose.

The second book, well, it is none other than A New Kind of Science by Stephen Wolfram. I regretted buying the book almost immediately. I first heard him give a talk relating to his book at Reflections Projections 2005. At the time, I was very impressed. Since then, I've found myself less enthused by his talk and less enthused about reading his book. Nonetheless, some prior bias has compelled me to purchase my own copy (if only to say I have one). I shall certainly strive to read more than one chapter, though I cannot make any guarantees.

In other news, my research project has been going well, perhaps even ahead of schedule. However, I shall refrain from showing too much optimism, as virtually every grad student I've talked to has mentioned problems popping up during their projects and frenzied rushes to beat the submission deadline. Nonetheless, I'm hopeful my work will be accepted. The only time I've visited Europe was with my high school choir to Italy (which was amazing). The conference I'll be submitting to, SIGIR 2007, will be held in glorious(?) Amsterdam. Don't get too excited though, since I'll probably be a total dork waste what many would consider a golden opportunity to, well, you know.

Of course, I'm again getting ahead of myself, especially since I still have Florida to look forward to this winter. Yeap, it sure is tough being a grad student. Have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy seeing that look of fear in the eyes of my students?


The Wrong Box said...

Hmm ... it seems like all 10 of those reasons can be summed up in exactly two words: "cognitive dissonance."

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