Wednesday, September 20, 2006

How I slouched my way on to Wikipedia.

Wikipedia, my favorite website ever, has a section on its main page which displays the featured article of the day. The featured article on this day of Spetember 20th, 2006 just happens to be on Cornell University

Cornell recently held the inauguration of its new president, David Skorton. In the history section of the Wikipedia article, you'll find an image of Professor Skorton speaking at his inauguration. Now, I happened to have attended the event. In fact, if you click on the image to view the full scaled version, you'll see me sitting behind Professor Skorton... sleeping.

Yeap, it seems I'm well on my way to fitting in with the other great thinkers in academia.


Ben Darfler said...

Haha, Sweet, but now I miss the club.

Yisong said...

Yeah, you should come back. We need more grad students in the club.