Saturday, July 29, 2006

The wonders of science

I was planning on doing work tonight, but my system is too saturated with alcohol for me to focus on anything important. So I thought I'd make some attempt at redemption by writing something here before I fall asleep.

A recent NY Times article discussed differences in the quality of life between people living now and those who lived about a hundred years ago. This reminded me of a conversation I had with my officemate Aaron a few days back. We were talking about how incredibly improved people's quality of life will be in the near future. Our discussion focused on anticipated advances in biomedical research.

I'm no expert on the subject. In fact, I often find places like Wired annoying with their extremely non-technical and sometimes outrageous articles about digital technology. Nevertheless, it seems pretty clear that life expectancy is poised to sky-rocket, and I wonder whether I'll be riding that wave or, the more likely case, if I will have just missed out on the best of it. Ah well, the world will miss out with an abridged life of the Yisong.

On another topic, John Carrino told me a few months back that he thought AI research was practically useless.
4:52 PM - dude, what has AI done for me lately
4:52 PM - it seems like all the AI people, came up with a few simple things, then decided to come back when hardware was better
4:53 PM - oh, you can't do that with lisp, prolog or A*, i'll just wait around until something better shows up
Fear not! Progress is being made, and we'll hopefully reach a point soon where such technologies are made available for widespread use. I, for one, am excited. We've just exposed the tip of the iceberg. Computers will soon be able to operate under more and more sophisticated models, allowing them to comprehend and respond to the world to a much higher degree of complexity. So I guess I should get some sleep in so I can make up for the work I was supposed to do today. After all, these computers aren't getting smarter by themselves, at least not yet.

Uh, so I ran into a hockey goal pole the other day while playing basketball. I now have a small bruise on the bridge of my nose. So yeah, I'm still a retarded.

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