Thursday, July 27, 2006


I spent some time in Phoenix a few weeks back visiting my family. My mom recently switched jobs (from Abbott to IBM), thus prompting the move. Phoenix is just about the warmest place that I've ever visited, and I'm not terribly excited about going back, at least not during the summertime. My dad also despises the wretched heat, whereas my mom can't get enough of it.

All the houses in the residential areas are adobe colored, and most yards consist of gravel and sand. A few people import soil and try to keep a normal lawn. However, they pretty much have to water it constantly, and the best condition most of these lawns attain is a sickly yellowish-green complexion.

It wasn't all bad though. As cities go, most of the downtown area is rather new and looks quite nice. There are places where they go overboard with the lush vegetation and it starts to look a little unrealistic. The streets were practically deserted when I scoped out the downtown area with my sister and cousin (quite the opposite of Chicago). I'm guessing the temperature is the prime culprit here. (Do we notice a recurring theme?)

Downtown Phoenix. There was construction going on everywhere.

I had fun with these statues...

There is at least one Starbucks in Phoenix. Chris Grier would be pleased.

This is what I mean when I say going overboard.

Overboard continued.

The Rossen House.

The Science Center.

The History Museum.

My cousin Cecillia (left) and sister Lena (right).


Lavina said...

Your sister stole my shirt. Tell her I want it back.

Yisong said...

What are we, five?