Saturday, July 08, 2006

A Great Day in Sports

I'm talking about a great day of sports and there's no mention of basketball or [American] football. My sports focus has turned international these days, fueled by what has been a very exciting World Cup. I've gained a new appreciation for soccer. It is quite possibly the most athletically demanding of sports. Zinedine Zidane has been almost godly with his brilliant play. Well, I guess that gives away the team I'm rooting for in the World Cup final on Sunday. Vive la France!

Also happening on Sunday is the Wimbledon final, featuring Roger Federer. Now I haven't watched tennis that closely, but I've been tuning in on a few of the Wimbledon matches. For some reason or another, I actually paid attention to the technical details this time around, and have a newfound appreciation for the sport. Federer, in particular, was particularly impressive, but I guess anyone who knows anything about tennis already knew that. Ah well, at least my ignorance is decreasing!

And for those looking for something more interesting to read than me blabbering about sports, here's a cool post my friend Dan made.

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