Wednesday, June 28, 2006


There is no city quite like Chicago. I'll probably know it to be home for some time to come, even though I have no actual physical ties to the city anymore. I live in Ithaca now, and my parents have moved to Phoenix. But it's hard to break away when you've lived in or around the city for 17 years. It's one of the more impressive cities in the world, and certainly one of the tallest. The skyline is a sight to behold (especially at night). And so I thought I'd share some of the photos I'd taken of the city recently.

Looking down Madison from Michigan Ave

Millenium Park Crown Fountain area

The Sears Tower

Looking north from Millenium Park

The view south from Navreet's apartment

Another look down Madison

A piece of that beautiful skyline

The Art Institute

A close-up on a lion statue in front of the Art Institute

Cloud Gate (aka the big bean)

The view down from Jessica Stein's place

The Crown Fountain at night

The summer dance festival

Ok, so this fella was sitting outside begging for money while sporting a nice set of headphones. I was a little too self-conscious to get close for a nice shot, so I settled for this blurry picture. At any rate, I was amused.