Monday, September 03, 2007

Summer Retrospective

So concludes the most hectic summer of my life thus far. I must say, the life of a researcher will never suffer from utter boredom. Sprinkle in a few weddings to attend and some friends/family to visit, and things become almost unmanageable.

Attending the Machine Learning Summer School was a tremendous experience. I met many wonderful people from a variety of backgrounds and, of course, learned a great deal. It also provided me some feel for the research climate in Europe. My favorite lectures were probably those of Olivier Bousquet, who presented an introduction to learning theory.

As is the case after every notable experience, I now find that the world is both a bigger and smaller place than I previously perceived it to be. Certain things I found unfamiliar are now more easily grasped in my mind. I also expanded my horizon of knowledge to new territories. My German is also slightly improved!

I apologize for the brevity of this post, but my capacity for prose is a little lacking at the moment. For the past six weeks, my life has been an almost continuous onslaught of one commitment after another, with my commitments for the semester already piling up. Due to the summer school, I'm over a week behind on my classes (both ones I'm taking and TAing), although luckily the material covered in the first week is usually pretty light.